Our 2nd quarterly issue is out now!

We’re thrilled to announce the release of our Q2 2014 issue today: “Faith.” This issue: An in-depth interview with Cheryl Strayed, bestselling author of Wild and Tiny Beautiful Things. Strayed speaks candidly about her income, keeping faith with her art, and how it’s possible to bounce a check whilst on the New York Times bestseller […]

An Indie Bookstore Thrives: Blue Manatee in Cincinnati

Editor’s note: Inspired by Scratch’s photo essay The Last Black Bookstore, Nancy Parish sent us this account of a bookstore that she loves in her community. Located in the trendy Oakley area of Cincinnati, Blue Manatee is on a block locals call “kid row,” which offers a children’s bookstore, children’s apparel store, and toy store in […]

Anatomy of a Decision: International Play Adaptation

Editor’s note: Anatomy of a Decision is a series here at the Scratch blog where writers discuss a business challenge they faced and how they handled it. We’re delighted and honored to have Alexis Clements (@alexisclements) as our first contributor to this series. If you’re interested in contributing, please contact us. Offer Out of the […]

An Interview With Peter Armstrong at LeanPub

For my story on serializations for Scratch, I interviewed many authors and businesses about the trends they’re seeing in the industry, as well as their experiences with serial business models. Peter Armstrong at LeanPub was one person who offered wonderful insights, but that I ultimately wasn’t able to include in the final article. So here […]

“All aboard! Irrevocably, Absolutely, In Whole or In Part!

We at Scratch love trains, and we love writing, and we love free things for writers, so we’re interested to see how the #AmtrakResidency works out (yes, the hashtag is officially part of the name). It seems like a fun opportunity. We’re also interested to see how many applicants read, and understand, the terms of […]

Weekend Reading: espousal, empathetic

I’m going to resume a weekly practice I started with Who Pays Writers back when it was a Tumblr: Welcome back to “Weekend Reading,” in which, instead of the usual long link round-ups that are popular on blogs these days, we highlight just one or two good stories to actually sit down and read over […]

So, You Still Want to Be a Ghostwriter…

Editors’ Note: Sari Botton has been writing other people’s stories for almost two decades. She divulged the spooky finances behind her gigs in the current issue of Scratch. We’re making her article free to read (registration required, but it’s totally free). Plus, below Sari offers a few extra tips about starting out in the ghostwriting […]

It’s Official. We’ve Launched!

We’re proud to announce that Scratch is now available on our website and iOS devices. Subscriptions to Scratch are $20 per year. Click here to subscribe. For those who want to sample the magazine before subscribing, Scratch offers a complimentary issue — just register as a user at our website to read it.  Current subscribers can immediately […]

The Fiscal Lives of Poets: Todd Boss

In the Q1 2014 issue of Scratch, we featured three poets who are making a living at poetry. In perhaps one of my favorite infographics ever, I worked with poet and Motionpoems founder Todd Boss to create a visual representation of how his income has grown over time; he has kept a spreadsheet since 2005 […]

Find Scratch at AWP 2014

AWP 2014 will mark a special moment for Scratch: it will represent the first in-real-life meeting of Manjula and Jane after nine months of collaboration. While we don’t plan to film that moment for public consumption, you can meet us on other occasions: Thursday, 10:30 a.m. Once It’s Out of the Gate: Post-Publication Marketing and […]